Lark a Fare is led by General Manager Kyle Bennett and Chef Chetan Michie.


Chef Chetan Michie

Chef Chetan Michie grew up in Manhattan, Kansas, and has lived in Lawrence since 2003.  Michie has over 15 years of food experience, most recently as the Head Chef of Port Fonda’s Lawrence location. Michie believes food is more than nourishment, it’s a story. 
“The food I grew up with shapes who I am today.  I want to tell my story, our story, with food. I want Lark a’Fare to be a place that comforts us all and makes us feel a strong sense of community.”

Kyle Bennett

Kyle Bennett brings over a decade of experience in the restaurant and bar industry, with a passion for craft cocktails and the overall service experience. Kyle is from Topeka and now lives in Lawrence, so he is thrilled to celebrate the Midwest with the Lark a’Fare brand.
“This is a restaurant for Lawrence,” He says, “and we want to have something for everyone.”